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Tinos is an island that preserves up today the customs and traditions. There is a custom of opening homes to visitors and strangers. The custom of «Kavos», is celebrated in Christmas in Tripotamos with pre-Christian elements..

The most popular folk feasts are: Vourniotissa on September 24, Ayia Varvara at Smovolos on December 4, Tripotamos on Christmas Day, and Ktikado on Easter Monday.

Lakotiani at Ysternia on the Feast of Thomas, Panayia at Vrissi on May 1, Ayia Paraskevi at Karaboussa on July 26 and Kyra Xeni on August 23.

One of the biggest celebrations of the island is the discovery of the icon of the Virgin in January 30.

Residents called it the "Great Day" of the island. The observance begins with an evening mass on the eve of the feast day at the Evreseos church where the icon is taken for the service. On the feast itself, services in the main church are followed by the laying of a wreath at the bust of Bishop Gavril. In the afternoon, precisely at 2:30 pm when it was uncovered, the icon is led in procession along the same route taken by those who found it. After the icon is return to its church, memorial services are held over the graves of those who uncovered the icon, followed by a review of the foundation’s activities during the previous year. The celebrations draw to a close in the evening when a candle-lit procession by local students is followed by a reception hosted by the mayor.

On July 23 the big celebration of Ayia Pelayia takes place on the island of Tinos. It is the most impressive celebration that includes the transfer of the icon of the Virgin to the Kehrovouni Monastery for a vigil on the eve of the feast. At night, the icon is returned in procession to the church—about 8 kilometres away. The procession offers a unique spectacle.

The Feast of the Dormition of the Virgin on August 15, is among the most beautiful celebrations of the island. Thousands of believers arrive in the island from all over the world. Commemorations begin with church services following by a procession of the icon, usually observed by senior government officials and a navy contingent and accompanied by marching bands. On the afternoon of August 14, there is an official wreath-laying ceremony by the Navy Chief of Staff at the mausoleum of the Elli; on the morning of August 15, the wreath is cast to sea.

In February 1-2 a two-day religious and social events takes place in the honour of Panayia Megalohari and Ayios Symeon held at the village Ktikados, which celebrates the parish church of the Orthodox community.

On the last Sunday of Carnival in the village of Falatados there is a large carnival with different themes each year. Guests are treated with traditional snacks and there’s live music from traditional instruments of tsabouna, violin, and guitar.

In the village of Agapi, the custom of Makaronas is revived. A human effigy is parade through the streets of the village and final burned in the square. Residents and visitors gathered in the parish hall to eat the traditional spaghetti.

On March 25 the feast of Evangelismos takes place with Church services and processions at the holy temple of Evangelistrias. Processions are held and other religious ceremonies together with patriotic celebration of the Greek Independence Day. The latter is celebrated after services and a noon icon procession with folk dance exhibitions and food along the harbour.

The Labour Day in May 1 is celebrated in Sklavochorio with the roasting of lambs on a spit. The festival is organised by Tinos Association and all residents are involved, preparing lunch with homemade snacks, sweets and raki.

On September 14, the celebration of Raising of the Cross the Catholic parish church in Ktikado village and the chapel in the Old Harbour.

The second Sunday of May in the temple of Myrsini a feast is observed with church services, followed by the opening of all village homes to visitors.

Each year the celebration of Artichoke is observed in Komi. Many people are gathered in the graphic square of Komi with the characteristic plane tree fills to honour the organizers and taste the traditional food based in the artichoke with the escort of live traditional music. The work for the feast begins almost one month earlier, with the cleaning of a big quantity of artichoke, which is offered for free by the producers of the village. The eve of the feast the delicacies of Tinos artichoke are prepared with fourteen different recipes and offered to the visitors so that they get acquaintance with the flavours.

This event aims in the Pan-Hellenic projection and not only the particular characteristics of Tinos, with the rich tradition, that can claim a good position in Greece traditional Municipalities and can satisfy even the most demanding visitors. In addition, the projection of Tinos artichoke, in collaboration with international organisms and associations of our Country can help the growth of production of the farmers. 

Along with the cultural events of the Exomvougou Festival of Tinos, the Feast of honey is organised in the settlement of Kampos during September. The celebration is organized with the collaboration of the Local Apartment of Kampos and the Apiarian Tinos Corporation. The women of Kampos prepare many kinds of sweets with honey. The event gives the opportunity to the attendants to taste a variety of sweets based in the pure Tinos honey.  Also visitors have the chance to know the traditional tools with which the local apiarists produce the honey.
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