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Tinos island has a separate historical significance. It is the symbol of Christianity and Greek orthodoxy. The Greek Orthodox Church of Panayia of Tinos is the symbol of Greek orthodoxy. Thousands of believers arrive every year to visit the miraculous image of the Virgin that dominates in the interior of the church. The church houses a gallery and there is a weaving workshop within its grounds.

You can visit the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Tinos Artists, with a collection of original works and replicas of paintings by locally-born artists who gained national and international prominence and Yiannoulis Halepas Museum.

The Museum of female monastery Moni Kehrovouniou with old pictures of the 18th and 19th century, houses a collection of 18th- and 19th-century icons and handicrafts by the convent’s nuns.

You can visit the Antonis Sohos Museum with its collection of wood and clay carvings by the Tinian scholar.

You can also visit the Folklore Museum in Karya and the Arnados Church Museum with its collection of old icons, church relics, and old books.

The Collection of Religious Relics, including 18th- and 19th-century icons as well as the Charter of Rigas Feraios and a ring worn by the revolutionary leader Theodoros Kolokotronis.

The Relics Repository with its collection of church vessels; The School of Fine Arts at Panormos; The homes of Nikiforos Lytras and Yiannoulis Halepas; The granite boulders at Volax and Voliaka; The “Despot’s Palace”, a Center for Faith and Culture, at Xynara; The archaeological site at Kionia, including the ruins of a temple dedicated to Poseidon

The island allocates many churches such as the Taxiarches Church, the Catholic church of Ayios Nikolaos, Malamatenia church, the Church of Ayia Ekaterini at Kampos, the Analipsis Christou church at Arnado, the Church of Ayia Triada at Faltado, Timios Stavros church at Ktikado, the Panayia Rodarion at Xynara and
the parish churches of the Genethlia Theotokou and Ayii Anaryiri at Plateia and Marla.

In Tinos there are many Orthodox as well as Catholic monasteries. Iera Moni Theotokou at Kehrovouni, Iera Moni Ayias Triadas at Yirla in Hora, Iera Moni Kyra Xenis at Panormos, Iera Moni Katapolianis at Ysternia, Iera Moni Vourniotissas at Agapi, Pigrimmage of Eleoussa at Exombourgo, Pigrimmage of Faneromeni at Tsiknia, Pigrimmage of Ayia Varvara at Smovolo and the 10th-century Monastery of Kyria Angelon. The catholic monasteries are: Jesuit Monastery at Loutra, Ursuline Convent at Loutra, Franciscan Monastery at Mesi, Pigrimmage of Panayia Vrisiou at Ayios Romanos and Pigrimmage of Ieri Kardia Isou at Exombourgo.

There are more than 600 dovecotes around the island and most date from the 18th and 19th centuries. Many are clustered in the central and eastern parts of the island, especially in the Tarabados valley.

You can visit the villages of Pyrgos, Mountados, Ysternia where most marble sculptors reside and Kardiani.
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